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First Spiritualist Church of Brockton

An NSAC chartered church serving for over 100 years

About Our Church


The First Spiritualist Church of Brockton has been a part of Spiritualism since 1886 and is a member of the National Association of Spiritualist Churches. Our community comes from different backgrounds; what we have in common is the belief in the continuity of life and spirit communication through mediumship. We support and encourage the spiritual growth of our members by offering spiritual healing, sermons, and the demonstration of mediumship to our congregation and community. Our goal is to maintain an environment that fosters the spiritual growth of the individual. 

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Upcoming Events



  We hold Sunday Service weekly from 10:30am to 12:00pm.

  There are three parts to our service:

  1. Spiritual Healing 
  2. Sermon: Topics from Spiritualism's Philosophy

  3.  Spirit Greetings: Proving the continuity of life, from loved ones in the                Spirit World through mediumship

                                                                                   All are welcome.

All presentations and workshops are for comparative purposes only and may not reflect the position of the National Association of Spiritualist Churches. You can register and pay for our events in person with cash, check or gift certificate, unless otherwise indicated in the event description. You can also pay online with PayPal.

Sunday Service

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