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Our Church

The First Spiritualist Church of Brockton has been a part of spiritualism since 1886 and is a member of the National Association of Spritualist Churches. We have a long tradition of living the nine principles of Spiritualism. Our community comes from different backgrounds; what we have in common is the belief in the continuity of life and spirit communication through mediumship. The change called death is not an end it is a change in vibration and awareness. Through our worship and education and investigation we strive to gain more understanding of the Natural Laws of Nature that are part of the  Natural Law is the law of God and is the road map for each of us to grow in wisdom and compassion and service to humanity and the our world.

Spiritualism is a Science, Philosophy and Religion based on the demonstrated fact of the continuity of life. We are born immortal; when the body dies the spirit continues to live in the spirit world.  We demonstrate the continuity of life through  mediumship. 


The Brockton Spiritualist Church supports and encourages the spiritual growth of our members by offering hands on healing Spiritual Healing, sermons, and the demonstration of mediumship to our congregation and community. Our goal is to maintain an environment that fosters the spiritual growth of the individual. We are a diverse group of individuals who find support in sharing the Philosophy of Spiritualism with like minded people.

The Church Mission Statement

The first Spiritualist Church of Brockton supports and encourages the spiritual growth of individuals through the presentation of the Science, Philosophy and Religion of Spiritualism by offering healing, sermons and spirit messages during our church services to our congregation and community during our church services. We also offer workshops on a variety of related topics.



Our goals are to organize and maintain an environment which fosters the spiritual growth of our members and community, and to encourage and assist those members who aspire towards service to Spiritualism by providing financial and class support for the training necessary for NSAC certifications and ordination. 

Board of Trustees

President: Reverend Myrna Westgate CM

Vice President: Sally Kubitschek

Treasurer: Michelle MacWalter

Trustee:  Robert Bernache

Pastoral Committee

Sally Kubischek

Reverend Myrna Westgate CM

Michelle MacWalter

Robert Bernache

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